Copper Bowls

Straight Side Copper Bowl – 4 inch

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    Straight edges define these copper bowls, with a beautiful red and black forge fire finish.

    These bowls are similarly shaped to my rolled edge copper bowls, however, instead of a smooth curve that comes back on itself these bowls sides come straight up. They began their life as a 20 gauge 4 inch copper disc that is formed and smoothed over the horn of my anvil to get a crisp edge, and straight sides.

    They make great votive candle holders, or as an accent to small candles. Of course candles is not the only thing this dish can hold. Many of my customers buy them to use as ring holders at their bedside, in the bathroom, or by their sinks. Others prefer these beautifully crafted copper bowls for use in entryways, not only as decorative pieces, but as catch alls for keys, coins, and whatever has been cluttering up your pockets. They truly are a versatile work of art.
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